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Landscape Lighting Designs & Installations

Hendrick Irrigation offers architectural lighting design services concentrating in outdoor landscape lighting and large residential lighting projects in the Cape Coral, Naples and Fort Myers area. We are available to work with our client’s architects, landscape architects, exterior and interior designers as well as home owners themselves to improve a project by aesthetically illuminating it.



Our landscape lighting offers one of a kind outdoor landscape lighting designs. From accent lighting for beautiful fountains and native trees and plants to reliable traverse lighting for walks and paths and complete landscapes, we can make your dream a reality and make your property magical and more functional at night.



And Hendrick Irrigation does it like no one else.  We have turned the interaction of light and shadow in the garden after the sun goes down into a pure artform. The workmanship and quality is first class and that is what our customers are willing to pay a little more for.



We have been converting our customers outdoor lighting design dreams into realities for more than twenty years. We create quality, long lasting, energy efficient , lighting schemes, and stunning outdoor lighting designs.  Give Hendrick Irrigation a shot at transforming your property into a nighttime paradise.


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