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Authorization Form



By singing this document you are entering an agreement with Hendrick Irrigation to install, repair or replace your irrigation system.


We understand that all repairs and essential services will be billed at the existing hourly rate, as well as necessary parts used to finish the job. Hendrick Irrigation endeavors to provide its clients quality service at a fair price. Please note, however, that some damages are often not visible and certain variables do exist. Obstacles can arise and do from time to time. Know that you will be billed per man hour for actual time spent repairing your system.


Should it be necessary, Hendrick Irrigation will contact the appropriate authorities to mark utility lines. In the event that Hendrick Irrigation is working near a property line, it is the client’s responsibility to mark those lines. If an unmarked line of any kind is hit, the cost of repairs shall be the client’s responsibility. Should incorrectly installed items require moving as a result of failure to mark – work will be done at the customer’s expense.


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